Key Art from My Lord, What a Night (2016). Photos of Albert Einstein and Marian Anderson are at the top of the image. The image of a white house is at the bottom.

My Lord, What a Night

NOV 13 - 15, 2015
by Deborah Brevoort
directed by Kel Haney

Based on actual events, My Lord, What a Night provides a thought-provoking account of the night legendary singer Marian Anderson spent at the home of Albert Einstein. What begins as an event that threatens to divide the Princeton community ends with a lifetime bond between two of New Jersey’s most fascinating people of the 20th century.

Key Art from The People Before the Park (2016). An image of a map of New York City. The area where Central Park is on the map has the title of the show and a silhouette of two men and one woman in mid 1800s clothes.

The People Before the Park

SEP 3 - 20, 2015
by Keith Josef Adkins
directed by John J. Wooten

1856. New York City. A hard-working man and his son live in a respectful African-American community called Seneca Village. However, their solitude and safe haven are threatened when the City decides to remove the community from their homes to create the world-renowned Central Park.

Key Art from By the Water (2015). An abstract wave, made up of pieces of wood, from the ocean sweeps away a house.

By the Water

JULY 16 - AUG. 2, 2015
by Sharyn Rothstein
directed by Adam Immerwahr

Hurricane Sandy wields its force upon the home of Marty and Mary Murphy, threatening to destroy not only the life they have built together but the neighborhood that they grew up in. Will Marty manage to save his neighborhood and his home, or are the secrets unearthed by the storm too powerful to overcome? Premiere Stages is proud to present the New Jersey Premiere of this gripping and affecting play, described by The New York Times as “drawn with acute sympathy and in gritty detail.”

Key Art from Great Kills (2015). An image of a woman at a laptop. There is a jar of pens and pencils next to the laptop. Balls of crumbled paper are thrown around the table the woman is sitting at.

Great Kills

JUNE 19 - 21, 2015
by Kate Cortesi
directed by Kel Haney

A high school achiever’s college application reveals a secret from her past, sending her Staten Island family into a tailspin. But is this ambitious young woman traumatized by violence, as her essay claims, or by a culture of achievement that has trained her to market herself at any cost?

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