Key Art from Baton (2018). The silhouette of a city is in the background. The silhoutte of a woman, dressed in white and black, stands between two groups of silhoutted people- the group to the left is white, the group to the right is black.


JUNE 15 - 17, 2018
by Deneen Reynolds-Knott
directed by Jessi D. Hill

In this timely and provocative new play, Ava, an African-American woman living in New York, is forced to revisit feelings from the past while on a date. News of unrest in Baltimore after Freddie Gray’s funeral leads to the revelation that she was previously engaged to a white cop, detonating a night of accusations, interrogations and confessions.

Key Art from Linger (2018). A drawn image of a family- man, woman, boy and girl- taking a "selfie". The image shows the image on the camera. The man, woman and girl are looking at the camera, the boy is looking to his left.


JULY 12 - 29, 2018
by Craig Garcia
directed by John J. Wooten

Maryanne and James are forced to confront the possibility that their popular son is capable of a horrible act. As social media explodes over the incident, the couple struggles to hold their splintering family together.

Key Art from Brick City (2018). An image of a sheet of lined notebook paper. Drawn in pencil and color-pencil are image of a basketball gooing into a net, a sneaker, a camera and a flower.

Brick City

SEP 6 - 23, 2018
by Nicole Pandolfo
directed by Jessi D. Hill

Jessie, a combative high school senior with a disability, and Darnell, the star player of his high school basketball team, find themselves together in extended study hall during the most important marking period in their lives. As their worlds collide, both discover that things aren’t always as simple as they may seem.

Key Art from Black Tom Island (2018). An image of a shattered stained-glass window. At the center of the image, through the shattered window is the Statue of Liberty.

Black Tom Island

OCT 11 - 21, 2018
by Martin Casella
directed by John J. Wooten

Based on an actual incident that took place in Jersey City in 1916, Black Tom Island explores the first documented terrorist attack on American soil through the lens of a fictionalized Slovak immigrant and his wife who may or may not be involved in the attack.

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