Key Art from At Liberty Hall (2014). A clock, in an array of colors. is in the background. A white outlined clck is at the forefront of the image. A feather is stuck in the center of the clock stopping the hands from moving.

At Liberty Hall

NOV 8 - 10, 2013
by James Christy
directed by Kel Haney

At Liberty Hall follows two high school students who’ve just moved to New Jersey: Cristian Rosario, a funny but unfocused teenager from Queens by way of the Dominican Republic; and Alexander Hamilton, 16, the subject of Cristian’s 10th grade history project. This time-bending story finds common threads of humor, honor and awkwardness as told through the experiences of a someday-Founding Father and a kid looking for a way out of the projects.

Key Art from The Beautiful Dark (2013). An inkblot image that ressembles a large black bird is at the center of the artwork.

The Beautiful Dark

SEP 5 - 22, 2013
by Erik Gernand
directed by John J. Wooten

A woman’s life is turned upside down when she suspects that her teenage son may be planning an attack on a school. Is her son capable of the unthinkable? And if she’s wrong, will she ruin any chance he has at a normal life? The Beautiful Dark is a powerful and moving story of a modern mother’s ultimate dilemma.

Key Art from Clybourne Park (2013). At the center a house is split in half with one side black and the other side white. Other houses, in a muted red color, surround the house.

Clybourne Park

JULY 11 - 28, 2013
by Bruce Norris
directed by Wes Grantom

An exceptionally witty and deliciously dry satire that explores the effects on Clybourne Park’s 1950’s all-white community when a couple unknowingly sells their house to a black family. The tables of gentrification turn when, fifty years later, the now all black community greets the news of an impending sale to a white family with the same level of apprehension.

Key Art from Ontario Was Here (2013). A drawn hand at the forefront of the image creates a shadow on an orange wall.

Ontario Was Here

JUNE 21 - 23, 2013
by Darren Canady
directed by Jade King Carroll

Nathan and Penni are two bright Kansas City social workers who give their all for the children they serve, determined to make a difference. When a case blurs the lines between romance, work, and friendship, their dreams of changing the world are put to the test.

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