George Washington shakes the hand of another man

Talking to Westfield

DEC 7 - 9, 2012
by E.M. Lewis
directed by John J. Wooten

Does the key to Trevor’s future lie somewhere in Westfield’s past? During a visit to the Westfield Museum with his Dad, history begins to come to life – and Trevor has to figure out how to find his way home.

Artwork: two girls playing with their phones and listening to music. Title: iDream


OCT 11 - 13, 2012
by Eileen Trauth and Suzanne Trauth
directed by John J. Wooten

Three high school girls, all confronting an uncertain future, are encouraged by a dynamic teacher to explore the male-dominated field of computer technology and begin to discover their place in the world.

Artwork of a Donkey Head with an American flag background Title: Farragut North

Farragut North

SEP 6 - 23, 2012
by Beau Willimon
directed by Michael Barakiva

The inspiration for the blockbuster film The Ides of March, Farragut North takes us on a compelling behind-the-scenes foray into the world of politics and provides a fascinating look into the lives of the true movers and shakers of the modern political spin game.

A woman in a pink dress sitting in a wheelchair between two standing men in tuxedos

Handicapped People in Their Formal Attire

JULY 12 - 29, 2012
by Kathryn Grant
directed by John J. Wooten

In 1968, members of the Delaware Association for the Handicapped kick up their heels at a black tie fundraiser to honor quadriplegic, Agnes Sheehan, who is escorted by her able-bodied cousin, Theresa. As the tensions of the era erupt outside, a lifetime of pent-up resentment is unleashed between the two women as they confront the true meaning of sacrifice.

Artwork: Man with suitcase and large house against green background Title: "Tamarack House"

Tamarack House

JUNE 22 - 24, 2012
by Michael Dowling
directed by Anders Cato

A compelling group of discarded misfits, caught in the whirlpool of a fleeting American dream, struggle to hold onto the stately boarding house that defines them.

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