Bauer Boucher Playwriting Award Winners

Premiere Stages is proud to announce the winners of the Bauer Boucher Playwriting Award! Kean University student Riv Dabul (Class of ‘24) is the winner of the student award and Dustin Ballard (Class of ‘09) is the winner of the alumni award.
Dustin Ballard, playwright, with black hair, plain pullover and a mustache, plus a smirk
Lantern Hill Senior Living


Written by

Dustin Ballard

Directed by

John J. Wooten

Tucked away near a boat dock on a remote island, a small house becomes a safe haven away from the rest of the world. A play in two acts, in two distinct moments in time, Wayfarers explores the tenuous nature of love in its different forms. In September of 2019, when JP arrives a weekend early to the island, Wade takes him in sparking an unexpected connection that neither of them knew they needed. And in September of 1979, when Owen and Vern meet for their annual weekend getaway, significant moments in their personal lives force them to reevaluate what they want and who they are to each other.  


Honorable Mentions
Vapor Face by Joelle Zazz

Riv Dabul with a black shirt, short hair, reddish, smiling at the camera.
Little Theatre, Miron Student Center

every little thing

Written by

Riv Dabul

Directed by

John J. Wooten

We all long for connection. But what happens when it becomes your currency? The way you structure your day. The way you pay for a meal. Your last viable resource in an isolated, independent world. That is the question we watch unfold as a homeless woman on the streets of New York navigates grief and survival using one of the greatest joys in her life: human connection. How will our hero cope? Will she ever let go? Find out in the tales of…every little thing.

Honorable Mentions
Dogs Through Us by Ryuuchi Kariyawasam-Chavez

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