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Premiere Stages accepts proposals from New Jersey playwrights for plays that explore compelling stories about a historical event or events.

minimalist guitar with the title of Certain Aspects of Conflict in the Negro Family

Certain Aspects of Conflict in the Negro Family

By TyLie Shider

As tensions reach an all-time high between Newark residents and police, racial and civil unrest begins spilling into Plainfield, New Jersey in the Long Hot Summer of 1967. Clif and Peach moved their family to Plainfield for the promise of a better future, but as the riots begin, the family contemplates a return to the South.

Key Art from Robey (2019). Image of Paul Robeson from when he graduated Rutgers University (then College) in 1919.
2019 - 2020


By Joe Sutton

In 1919, Paul Robeson (Robey to his college friends) was asked to give the valedictory address at Rutgers University. As the first African American student to be selected for this honor, he was very conflicted about the tone and message of the monumental speech. Robey explores his journey as he prepares his remarks, overcoming the doubts and fears that filled a young man at a pivotal point in New Jersey’s history.

Key Art from Black Tom Island (2018). An image of a shattered stained-glass window. At the center of the image, through the shattered window is the Statue of Liberty.
2017 - 2018

Black Tom Island

By Martin Casella

Based on an actual incident that took place in Jersey City in 1916, Black Tom Island explores the first documented terrorist attack on American soil through the lens of a fictionalized Slovak immigrant and his wife who may or may not be involved in the attack.

Key Art from My Lord, What a Night (2016). Photos of Albert Einstein and Marian Anderson are at the top of the image. The image of a white house is at the bottom.
2015 - 2016

My Lord, What a Night

By Deborah Brevoort

Based on actual events, My Lord, What a Night provides a thought-provoking account of the night legendary singer Marian Anderson spent at the home of Albert Einstein. What begins as an event that threatens to divide the Princeton community ends with a lifetime bond between two of New Jersey’s most fascinating people of the 20th century.

Key Art from At Liberty Hall (2014). A clock, in an array of colors. is in the background. A white outlined clck is at the forefront of the image. A feather is stuck in the center of the clock stopping the hands from moving.
2013 - 2014

At Liberty Hall

By James Christy

At Liberty Hall follows two high school students who’ve just moved to New Jersey: Cristian Rosario, a funny but unfocused teenager from Queens by way of the Dominican Republic; and Alexander Hamilton, 16, the subject of Cristian’s 10th grade history project. This time-bending story finds common threads of humor, honor and awkwardness as told through the experiences of a someday-Founding Father and a kid looking for a way out of the projects.

George Washington shakes the hand of another man
2011 - 2012

Talking to Westfield

By E.M. Lewis

Does the key to Trevor’s future lie somewhere in Westfield’s past? During a visit to the Westfield Museum with his Dad, history begins to come to life – and Trevor has to figure out how to find his way home.

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