Play Festival History

In Chronological Order

The (*) symbol denotes readings that received full productions. The (°) symbol denotes readings that received workshop productions.


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  • The Fertile River
    by Vincent Terrell Durham°
  • Uhuru
    by Gloria Majule
  • Flowers for Men
    by Christian Mendonça
  • Diversion
    by Scott Organ*


  • The Gift of BS
    by Dave Osmundsen
  • Classic Six
    by Leigh Flayton
  • a home what howls (or the house what was ravine)
    by matthew paul olmos°
  • Satellites
    by Erin Breznitsky*


  • Lyons Pride
    by Bleu Beckford-Burrell
  • Scab
    by Gino Diiorio
  • Year One*
    by Erik Gernand
  • My Mother the Sun
    by Arroyo Monfiletto
  • Songbird
    by Rachel Luann Strayer


  • Walden by Amy Berryman°
  • Hyannis by Kari Bentley-Quinn
  • Foreclosure by Vincent Delaney
  • The Wake by Tammy Ryan*


  • Linger by Craig Garcia*
  • Private by Mona Pirnot
  • Baton by Deneen Reynolds-Knott°
  • No Candy by Emma Stanton


  • 1980, Or Why I’m Voting for John Anderson
    by Patricia Cotter°
  • Foster Mom
    by Chris Cragin-Day*
  • Seder
    by Sarah Gancher
  • Cam Baby
    by Jessica Moss


  • Las Cruces by Vincent Delaney*
  • The Blameless by Nick Gandiello
  • What I Tell You in the Dark by Keelay Gipson
  • Three Rules for the Dragon by Jeff Talbott°


  • The People Before the Park by Keith Josef Adkins*
  • Great Kills by Kate Cortesi°
  • Redeemed by Keli Goff
  • Halftime with Don by Ken Weitzman


  • The Ansel Intimacy by Vincent Delaney°
  • Ugly Lies the Bone by Lindsey Ferrentino
  • Sunrise Highway by Nick Gandiello
  • Janice Underwater by Tom Matthew Wolfe*


  • Ontario Was Here by Darren Canady°
  • The Beautiful Dark by Erik Gernand*
  • Brownsville Song by Kimber Lee
  • Soldier’s Heart by Tammy Ryan (full production, 2014)


  • Tamarack House by Mike Dowling°
  • Handicapped People in Their Formal Attire by Kathryn Grant*
  • Alexandria by Alex Lewin
  • Cocktail Time in Havana by Rogelio Martinez


  • Egyptian Song by James Christy°
  • Transit by Kait Kerrigan
  • Floodplains by Gabe McKinley
  • Follow Me to Nellie’s by Dominique Morisseau*


  • The Jag by Gino DiIorio°
  • The Good Counselor by Kathryn Grant*
  • The Morini Strad by Willy Holtzman


  • Any Other Name by George Brant*
  • Visiting Hours by David Caudle
  • Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods by Tammy Ryan° (full production, 2010)


  • A View of the Harbor by Richard Dresser
  • The Big Tent by Glen Merzer°
  • Madison by Guillermo Reyes*


  • ODD by Hal Corley*
  • Green Man by Jim Knable°
  • Carve by Molly Smith Metzler


  • Where the Sun Never Sets by Bob Clyman°
  • Expats by Heather Lynn MacDonald
  • Dark Part of the Forest by Tammy Ryan*


  • Owed by Susan Barsky*
  • Opus by Michael Hollinger°
  • Africa by Mayo Simon
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