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Healing Voices: Caregivers’ Stories
Sunday, April 28, 2024
3:00 pm
Enlow Recital Hall
Both nurse and a doctor (females) looking at patient notes together, standing on stage
Sunday, April 28



Healing Voices: Caregivers’ Stories

Produced in partnership with the New Jersey Theatre Alliance, Healing Voices: Caregivers’ Stories weaves together short works of prose, poetry, and theatre about personal caregiving experiences into an intimate theatrical performance.

This event is free, but registration is required.

Featuring works by

What’s Wrong with Me?
by Mary Amato

Martina and Brett
by Manuel Igrejas

Uncertainty is a Friend
by Susan Justiniano | RescuePoetix

Dressing Mami
by Nancy Mendez-Booth

I Rescued my Dog and He Rescued Me
by Naomi Miller

Caregiving: Self Care is the First Step
by Martha Rand

Haiku: Caregiver Confidential
by Diane Rubino

‘Adventure’ from “Full Circle”
by Ellen Rubinstein

Wedding Bands
by Margaret R. Sáraco

What Does It Mean to Be a Caregiver
by Dave Schlossberg

Four Births and a Funeral
by Anne Schuchman

by Kathleen Schumar

One Step at a Time: A Monologue
by Gayle Stahlhuth

by Bara Swain

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