Liberty Live Commission

At Liberty Hall

Oct 16 - 19, 2014
written by James Christy
directed by Kel Haney

At Liberty Hall follows two high school students who’ve just moved to New Jersey: Cristian Rosario, a funny but unfocused teenager from Queens by way of the Dominican Republic; and Alexander Hamilton, 16, the subject of Cristian’s 10th grade history project. This time-bending story finds common threads of humor, honor and awkwardness as told through the experiences of a someday-Founding Father and a kid looking for a way out of the projects.

Play Festival Winner

Janice Underwater

Sep 4 - 21, 2014
written by Tom Matthew Wolfe
directed by Jade King Carroll

Janice has a sneaking suspicion that she is losing her mind. While waiting for the results of genetic testing that could confirm her fears, Janice struggles to keep it together. With the help of an attractive super, a devoted brother and visions of the parents who went mad before her, will she find her way home?

New Jersey Premiere

Soldier's Heart

July 10 - 27, 2014
written by Tammy Ryan
directed by John J. Wooten

A devoted mother leaves her son behind to defend the country she loves. When her commanding officer becomes her assailant, she returns home to face her greatest test, bringing back more than she bargained for.

Play Festival Runner-up

The Ansel Intimacy

June 20 - 22, 2014
written by Vincent Delaney
directed by Padraic Lillis

On his 16th birthday, Tate receives a gift he never wanted: Ansel, who was scientifically engineered to provide him with replacement parts. But as the bond between them grows, Tate discovers some gifts can’t easily be accepted.

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